Good Greetings!

Welcome to the third edition of Maria's Model United Nations, 2017 I'm Jagritee Senapati and I will be serving you as the Chairperson of The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). Apart from MUNing, I have a keen interest on a set of varying fields ranging from Wildlife & War Photography, Music, Psychology, Travelling, Community Service, Books, World Politics to Noír films ( and of course Movies in general).

With years of observation, failures, successes, challenges, learning and being called a MUN enthusiast throughout high school and senior school in the MUN circuit, I would like to draw your attention to one little extravagant detail that one of my mentors passed on to me: it's always going to be “Quality over Quantity” during sessions.

And that is exactly what I'll be looking for during our committee sessions; Quality debate and fruitful consequences. The following are the agendas that we will be discussing in the span of 3 days:

         1. Narco-State War: Narco state war is the alarming crisis in several member states worldwide where the countries are facing a civil war or internal instability because of excessive use of drugs. Drugs have been a harmful substance throughout and it has become difficult or impossible to stop this drug industry in various states. It has taken several lives and has crossed all limits. It has also increased organized crimes till such extent that it has become difficult to check this.
      2. Responding to the New Psychoactive Substances: New psychoactive substances (NPS) are drugs which were designed to replicate the effects of illegal substances like cannabis, cocaine and ecstasy whilst remaining legal – hence their previous name ‘legal highs’. The effects of NPS vary significantly from drug to drug such as mental instability, psychological disorder and other bodily problems. Therefore, at this point of time, it’s very important to respond and react to the rise of these substances in order to protect the citizens from its harmful effect.

Delegates, please keep in mind that these are issues which are very sensitive and are not easy to resolve. You have to look up from drug production till consumption, how it is transported, the officials involved, cartels and various roadmaps while researching. You must have a grip of the scenario in Mexico, Africa and Asia.

Remember delegates, Mexico’s sovereignty, Africa's security and Asia's legitimacy is at stake.

Delegates please note that our committee type is that of a Continuous Crisis Committee (CCC) for which special rules of procedure will be provided. We hope to see you soon, fully aware and prepared with the two agendas. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries. We promise you a wonderful time in committee. See you in May!

Warm Regards,

  • Jagritee Senapati, Chairperson
  • Sanskar Agarwalla, Deputy Chairperson
  • Email id: unodc.mmun17@gmail.com