Greetings delegates,

We welcome you to the 3rd edition of the Maria’s Model United Nations, 2017. This year we have put together a theme that is at the centre of every issue, every policy and every solution: The Youth of Today. With much anticipation and excitement we look forward to helping you familiarize with this year’s theme. The Generation Y and the era of brilliance, as we call it, is far more than just the population of people aged between 15 and 24, it is the driving force in today’s society, which has the strength and dynamism to bring about much need transformations. Youth empowerment is the goal we must achieve that the end of the 3-day conference.

Being the flagship committee of the conference, the agenda’s to be addressed by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) are :

  1. I. Reviewing the clauses enclosed under the World Programme of Action for Youth
  2. II. Necessary reforms in the economic conditions of LEDCs with special emphasis on sustainable development, youth participation and poverty.

As we progress into the ever changing world, we are faced with the most daunting challenge of enabling the youth to integrate themselves into the decision making processes. The youth has been recognized as a major human resource and the agents of change, however matters such as substance abuse, juvenile delinquency etc. can also be correlated with the same. Large populations of the young people are under the influence of poverty and hence have not been able to attain the necessary education. Thus, it is imperative that we prioritize these issues and deliberate upon them with a critical and a realistic approach. Throughout the course of the conference, we expect the delegates to maintain diplomacy, their foreign relations and put forward feasible solutions to the agenda at hand. We also expect the delegates to be well researched and engage themselves with high quality debate and paperwork’s. We on our part would try and make this experience as enjoyable and memorable as possible. Good Luck with your preparations and we hope to see you at the conference!

Warm Regards,

  • Arijita Sinha Roy,Chairperson, UNDESA
  • Meghma Kataki, Deputy Chairperson, UNDESA
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