Dear delegates!

It gives us immense pleasure to welcome you to the third edition of the interschool Maria's MUN. Before going into the details about the committee, we would like to introduce ourselves. We have both been studying in Maria's Public School for over a decade now. We us are passionate about quizzing, debating, photography and above all, participating in MUNs. We have represented our school in various national and international events as a team for the past five years, and have always had each other's backs.

"A politician thinks of the next election.
A statesman thinks of the next Generation."
-James Freeman Clarke

Welcome to United States 2020, a committee that shall put your knowledge understanding of the modern world economy, society, and major international events to test. The US presidential elections have always been of significance to most countries, albeit controversial at times; right from the 1876 Hayes vs Tilden election, to the very recent Trump vs Clinton election of 2016. These elections have, however, become more significant today than ever before, due to the hegemony that the United States of America enjoys in world politics today. In the light of recent economic and geopolitical developments in the world, right from Donald Trump's election win to the bombings occurring in Syria, this committee shall inspect your knowledge of these events and how, according to you, these events (along with possible events of the near future) could shape the world order. You will need to bear in mind that every decision taken in this committee shall not only affect the United States of America, but also its relation with the rest of the world. The power of starting a Third World War or of establishing world peace, the power of taking strong steps to curb climate change or questioning its very existence, shall all lie in your hands. You are expected to wield this power wisely, in this highly demanding committee. The word 'politics' is derived from the Greek word 'polis', which refers to an ideal state, and we hope that you all shall contribute to the creation of such a state, through this committee.

The agenda that has been set for this committee is: "United States Presidential Elections, 2020"
Looking forward to your participation,

Yours Truly,

  • Anurag Baruah and Padmanav Baruah.