Dear Delegates and Faculty advisers,

It gives me immense pride and pleasure to welcome you to join us for the third successive chapter of the Maria’s Model United Nations which is to be held from the 19th of May to the 21st of May, 2017.

It’s been two years since Maria’s Model United Nations embarked on a journey to put forward a platform for students to express their voices on current affairs with the use of subtle words, and exchange of ingenious ideas which had always resulted in dynamic solutions for the raging topics at hand. MMUN is always pushing the boundaries with its qualitative debate platforms which has helped many students shed light on the inner diplomat that lives within them and realise the importance of their contribution towards regional to national to international affairs. Taking heed to the motto “Learning beyond the Classroom” which was bestowed on us by our Founder, Mrs. Nellie Ahmed Tanveer, MMUN aims on helping students not just to constraint themselves within the black and white pages of the textbooks but also venture into the fields of culture, sports and forums of exchanging ideas like that of debating and quizzing. Nevertheless, MMUN has had always one aim – to be forum for the Youth, by the youth, and from the youth. And in this third edition MMUN’17, we hope once again achieve our aim.

Youth is a paradoxic state. Often we are termed as the trouble-making children and sometimes as inconsiderate adults. However, what they don’t see that we are neither children nor adults. Youth stand between the two stages of human life and that’s why we can see much much more. It is seen that youth are the pillars of the future but some carry more weight than the others. This imbalance of opportunities and rights shake the very foundation of a newly found culture – the culture of the teenagers which have the ability to reshape the future for the better good. So this MMUN is about the Youth and their development- in aspects which have affected them immensely in the present times. Whether it maybe the raging issue of drug abuse among teenagers both in national and international scenario, the staggering issue of poverty and homelessness among adolescents or the loopholes in the developmental programmes Youth- MMUN has made it’s goal to address all these issues in it’s third year.

And it’s only the Youth themselves who can properly address these issues, regardless of their political, cultural, social or religious viewpoints. I would like to end with a quote by Che Guevera, “Our Youth must always be free, discussing ideas concerned with what is happening around the world.”

Warm Regards

  • Arjita Sinha Roy
  • President, Maria’s Model United Nations 2017