MUN team bags Best Delegation award

The Marian MUN team bagged the Best Delegation prize in the DPSGMUN held at DPS, Guwahati from November 10 to 12, 2017. There were seven committees for 235 delegates coming from 11 different schools in Guwahati. The individual award winners from Maria’s Public School are:
  1. Nameera Ahmed – Best Delegate (HRC)
  2. Shehnaz N Choudhury – Best Delegate (NATO)
  3. Sugandha Bora – Best Delegate (IPC)
  4. Amrin Rahman – Best Photographer (IPC)
  5. Sparsh C Rajneesh – High Commendation (UNSC)
  6. Swapnil Dutta – Special Mention (WHSR)
  7. Yugabrata Sarmah - Special Mention (UNSC)
  8. Antarul Haque - Special Mention (NATO)
  9. Harshali Kemprai – Verbal Mention (HRC)
  10. Atlanta Baruah - Verbal Mention (NSC)
  11. Abhigyan Duarah - Verbal Mention (NSC)
  12. Alpesh Choudhury - Verbal Mention (AIPPM)

Marian Delegation to CHEMUN X

I was indeed fortunate to have led the Marian Delegation to CHEMUN X, one of the largest and most diverse conferences to be hosted by the American International School Chennai. There were more than 400 students representing 26 schools from India and the Middle East, and it created an educational simulation that was both dynamic and thought provoking. The theme of the conference was “Accountability and Progress” which truly captures the spirit behind the United Nations’ newly birthed Sustainable Development Goals to be achieved by 2030.

I found the committees engaging and constructive. Most importantly, utmost care was taken by the AISC MUN Co-Advisors to ensure that student delegates and faculty present from other schools, were not only effectively involved in the discussions taking place, but were also made to contribute to the smooth running of the Conference. We had to submit our observations with respect to the Student Officers, the Chairperson and Deputy-Chair, whether they were following the rules of procedure and looking into the active participation of all delegates in their respective committees, and to suggest reforms. The three days of intense discussion and resolution making went by quickly, with each one of us asking for more. The climax of CHEMUN X for me was when Lisa Martin, Head of THIMUN Qatar appreciated the delivery and profound arguments put across by Sparsh Chetri of Class X in the Special Conference on Corruption.

The other Marian Delegates who deserve kudos for making their presence felt in their respective committees and for submitting excellent resolutions were Swapnil Datta, Sugandha Bora, Tania Choudhury and Himaghna Baruah.

Mausumi Mahanta
MUN Director
Maria’s Public School

MPS team to DSMUN

A six-member team from Maria’s Public School, comprising Violina Das, SanskarAgarwala, PadmanavBarua, IpshitaChoudhury, AnkitaKakati and Ali Afrina accompanied by teacher NoyontaraChaliha attended the DSMUN this year. After a short tour around the picturesque Doon School campus the delegates were taken to their respective committee rooms on the first day of the event. The agenda took off placidly getting acquainted to everyone over a few light statements. The delegates had an interaction with the Chief Guest for the Opening Ceremony MrPavan K Varma, IFS and Member of Parliament and touched some serious topics during the session. The next morning dawned to a power-packed day of earnest speeches and paper works by all delegates. As evening fell, the day’s strain was washed off with socials and delegate dancing. The committee sessions came to an end on the third day but only to pave the way for the General Assembly. The Marian team was allotted The Republic of China to represent. After the GA was over it was time for the Closing Ceremony. It was a staggering moment when Sanskar, representing Belgium in the United Nation’s Special Committee on Palestine received a verbal mention.