The Press Corps is an astounding body comprising of news agencies, publications, broadcasters who have worked as an immediate link between the United Nations and the people of the world. The United Nations Correspondents Association (UNCA) was established in 1948 which provided representation of the Press.

The Press in today’s time has a great role to play as it brings out the reality of the multi-dimensional world we live in. The Press has its independent stand and is investigative, profound, and does hard work.

The International Press Corps (IPC) accords awareness, as it works assiduously for disclosing and explicating the discussions and deliberations among the delegates of the notable committees. It plays one of the most important operations as it acts as a scrutiniser to keep our decision makers in their extremity, and hold them accountable for their actions and conduct.

Through the support of various modes of communication, co-operation, and construal, the delegates of IPC act in a liberated and unconventional way with authorization to cover up all attributes and features of the MUN conference.

The IPC for the Inter Maria’s Model United Nations will consists of reporters and photographers which serve as a mediator link that commonly ties the committees.

I am happy to announce that for the first time, the International Press Corps in the Maria’s Model United Nation is open and will be a committee in its form and stand. In this 3 day conference session, the IPC will be questioning the delegates and seeking the authenticity of the facts stated. It will be scrutinising every move you make, every stumble, every statement. This year’s IPC will be unique and intense in its own way.

We wish all the delegates all the good luck for the 3 day convention!


  • Arundhati Choudhury
  • Chairperson, International Press Corps