Greetings delegates!

History is not just a string of numbers put together or memorising what people with unpronounceable names did in the past. History is the string of actions taken by humans which inflict their lives. And this history, made by humans, tends to uncoil into a wired string of events which shape the present and is going to influence the future.

With having this said, I would like to welcome you to MMUN 17’s Historical Committee, The Congregation of the Balkan States. As I had mentioned beforehand, some actions have this immense power which makes history and influences the thereafter events, and the actions of the geophysical Balkan states were one of those. From being a crossroad of cultures to the nation-states where the First World War was sparked, these states along with its neighbouring nations played an incalculably important role in history.

It gives me immense pride and pleasure to be the Chairperson of this committee which I promise would be a very arduous yet worthy of note and it is my responsibility to guide you through this historic expedition. I expect the delegates to be very thorough with the agenda at hand- the Pro-Slavic and the event which ultimately lead to the First World War. The delegates have the opportunity to turn the tables of history and set course to an alternate reality. On a less serious note, I expect the delegates to gather knowledge and have fun simultaneously and enjoy every minute of the debate and I on my part will do my best to make sure you make most out of this conference. I’ll be open for any queries from the delegates and I’ll make sure to have your doubts cleared.

Looking forward for your deliberation and debates in the committee, I wish you all the luck!

Warm Regards,

  • Shreya Bhattacharjee, Chairperson
  • The Congregation of the Balkan States