Greetings delegates!

Welcome to the third edition of Maria’s Model United Nations! After two successful conferences, we are back into action for the third one. Like in the first year of the conference, this year too we have decided to include All India Political Party’s Meet to discuss and deliberate upon issues of political, social and economic significance in India. AIPPM is a forum of unrestricted political debate, discussion and deliberation, free from legislative functions of the parliament. All debate in the committee will be moderated by the Speaker and the Deputy speaker.

This year, AIPPM will aim at discussing two crucial issues which have altered and affected not just the politics and administration in this country, but have also changed people’s lives directly and drastically. We take a look into the sedition laws of India and their importance in today’s times. The laws which were established by the British to silence anyone who questioned the crown’s powers over India are still under affect, but are the context still valid? Well, that’s the question for the committee to answer. Secondly, we take a deeper look into the case of substance abuse in our country. India is wedged between the world’s two largest areas of illicit drug production, Golden Crescent and the Golden Triangle. This proximity has been viewed as a source of vulnerability, since it has made India both a destination and a transit route for opiates produced in these regions. Some parts of India today are facing serious drug related problems, from its easy availability to its usage, even after being illegal.

We are well aware of the mayhem these issues have created in India in the recent past, but which route it takes from now is in the hands of the political leaders who will come together in this session of AIPPM. The diversity will provide different perspectives to the issues at hand, but the same might be the cause of conflict. If such a situation arises, what the delegates need to keep in mind is that the goal of the committee is common; the betterment of the people of this country, even if the route to achieving it might not be.

With this year’s theme being ‘The Youth of Today’, we promise you a conference which will provoke you to dig deeper, think harder and make you realise the power that we hold as global citizens. Hope to see you all soon!

Warm Regards,

  • Risaal Shaan Sabbir, Speaker
  • Ali Afrina Shaheen, Deputy Speaker